4 Weaknesses of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a MUST for tracking analytics on your website. It shows you things like where your visitors are located, what people are searching for on your website, what people click the most, and which online campaigns bring you the most traffic and conversions. It’s one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal, […]

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How to Optimize Web Assets for Better Performance

Are your web pages loading slower than you’d like them to? Does something on your website seem a little…off? Images loading extra slowly…videos not playing…text not showing up? There’s a good chance it has something to do with your website assets. More specifically, the poor performance of those assets… And this poor performance is causing […]

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5 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Sales Funnel

Are you aware of the most crucial element to survive in your market? The answer is simple; it’s the ability to acquire customers and turn them into loyal ones. And not just one-time customers either. We’re talking about long-time customers who keep buying from you over and over again. That’s where the real value is. […]

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow-Loading Web Pages

There’s a conversion killer out there that gets overlooked MUCH too often… We’ve talked about it in previous blog posts, but we’ve only really touched on it. But this time, we’ll dive deeper, and tell you how to prevent this problem from undermining your website and causing a drop-off in conversions. The problem, of course, […]

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5 Website Glitches You Probably Aren’t Catching

If you’ve ever played a video game, you’re familiar with “glitches.” Those little “blips” in the game that could give you an edge. (And those maps in Call of Duty always had the best glitches!) Well, glitches don’t end in the video gaming world. Unfortunately, they can also exist on your website…and in that case, […]

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5 Website Visitor Trends You Should be Tracking

Visitors are the fuel of your website. Without them, you can have the best content, with the strongest, most hard-hitting calls to action in the world, and it won’t make any difference. But you need to do more than simply get visitors. You need to know the who, what, when, and where—the story behind how […]

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5 Metrics to Optimize Your Social Media Efforts

If you’re anything like most marketers, you’re up to your ears in social media analytics. You’ve registered for a dozen services and regularly find yourself buried in data. It’s not uncommon for us to meet a marketing director who’s spending more than 15 hours a week analyzing social media data. Sound familiar? Most people recognize […]

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5 Characteristics of a Website that Converts

The business of website conversion can be a confusing one. What is the magic formula that gets your visitors to click the “buy” button, or to schedule a call with you? What is the game-winning structure that transforms viewers into clients and customers? There’s no one strategy that will work for everybody. Every business is […]

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Are You Measuring These Crucial Conversion Metrics?

You’ve heard the mantra… “What gets measured, gets managed.” It’s a classic quote from Peter Drucker. And it’s true for just about everything. Whether you’re tracking daily habits like flossing and meditating, or you’re tracking the conversions on your website… You can’t “manage” them effectively if you don’t measure them. Otherwise, how will you know where to […]

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7 Website Conversion Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making (Part 2)

Click HERE for Part 1 As we mentioned in part 1, conversion mistakes can happen at any time during the customer lifecycle. And many times, you don’t even know you’re making them. Here are the conversion mistakes we covered in part 1: Slow load times You don’t make the actions obvious Unnecessary or broken buttons […]

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